3 to 4 times the rate of sales growth compared to your competitors

Organizations who have rigorously followed the systematic plan for growth outlined in Prescription for Growth workshop (we call it Sales Process Engineering) and Justin’s book, The Machine, have enjoyed year-on-year growth. In fact, some testify to have seen:

  1. Their top line sales grow at least 20%, year-on-year. Some significantly more and others a little less.
  2. The performance of their customer service department double in just a few months.

The results below show the source of the growth the approach outlined in this workshop generates. These results are real and verified. For each client you can see the increase (between months one and six) of both general sales activity and what we call meaningful selling interactions.

Of course, activity isn’t everything. But it is a critical growth driver—and you can rest assured that these clients are hard at work on the other growth drivers too!

Industry Total Sales Activities Month 1 Total Sales Activities Month 6 Percentage Increase Meaningful Sales Interactions Month 1 Meaningful Sales Interactions Month 6 Percentage Increase
HR 207 449 117% 59 134 127%
Industrial Capital Equipment 443 1,942 338% 301 352 17%
Healthcare Products 142 692 387% 55 343 523%
Chemical Distribution 695 848 22% 372 838 125%
Industrial Cleaning Equipment 8,500 16,500 94% 2,260 3,652 61%
Workplace Safety Equipment 3,875 5,671 46% 941 1,155 23%

On these other drivers, customer service is an important one as (Justin will explain in more detail on the day):

  1. It gives the sales team confidence that promises made (order lead times, quotes, issues etc) will be acted upon in a timely and reliable manner, meaning;
  2. The sales team can spend less time fighting fires AND more time pursuing more sales opportunities.

Most organizations who adopt the full methodology outline in our Prescription for Growth workshop progress from < 50 to > 90% OTCC within a matter of months. (OTCC means On-time Case Completion.) Again, these are verified results from real adopters of Prescription for Growth!

Industry OTCC Month 1 OTCC Month 12 Percentage Increase
Furniture Manufacturer 50% 76% 52%
Industrial Capital Equipment 73% 97% 32%
Rubber Manufacturer 63% 82% 30%
Health & Safety Supplier 74% 90% 21%
Industrial Cleaning Equipment 50% 90% 80%
Workplace Safety Equipment 55% 99% 80%

Still not convinced?

On Justin’s blog, you will find 28 interviews with organizations that support this
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The highlight of this results video is
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