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Sales Process Design Thought-Leader

Author of The Machine

Justin Roff Marsh is the author of The Machine: A Radical Approach To The Design of The Sales Function and editor of the popular Sales Process Engineering blog read by tens of thousands of people the world over.

SPE expert

He’s also the Founder of Ballistix, a sales management and marketing consultancy, specializing in the implementation and ongoing support of Sales Process Engineering (SPE).

Sales Process Engineering is a radical approach to the resourcing and management of the sales process based on the principles of Theory of Constraints (TOC). This approach enables organizations to a build high-throughput sales processes, where salespeople focus exclusively on the conduct of meaningful sales interactions and delegate all non-critical tasks to the sales support function.

Sales thought leader

Justin has been guest speaker at scores of industry events, conferences and association meetings and is a featured Vistage North America speaker. His controversial methodology and outspoken views have featured in lively interviews and made great feature article content for numerous business podcasts and publications. Justin has facilitated Solution Design Workshops to hundreds of companies in scores of industries throughout North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Japan, New Zealand and Australia.

Sales contrarian

Justin’s views are rarely comforting and often controversial. If you are looking for sales training or more of the warm and fuzzy relationship-building workshops that have been driving mediocrity since the 1990s, don’t speak to this guy. If you want to be affirmed that the approach you are taking now is eventually going to deliver the sales results you’ve been hoping for, you won’t get it from Justin either.

Delivers results

If you want a provocative thought-leader who is going to change the way you look at your business, while also giving you a proven strategy to scale your business and grow your revenue, then Justin is definitely the guy for you.

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