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What others have to say

Loved the program development and campaign modelling part of the workshop. It was great to get executives to own the campaign design. 

Lyn Terrett

Rapid Map Australia

Sure, it was a long day. But it was also very productive and very relevant.

Amir Arjmand

Edlyn Foods

Amazing value. It gave me a stack of things that I was able to take away and implement quickly.

Gavin Symes

Credit Repair

I liked the description Justin gave of the ideal sales function. Very powerful.

David Hasht

Triad Technologies

This was an eye opening workshop! Looking forward to implementing the ideas presented at TCH.

Brett Shoop

TCH Industries

Great consolidation of ideas and concepts presented in the book.


Justin shows great practical insight. VERY helpful.

Jamie Hayes

Healthy Inspirations

Met every expectation. Time well worth spending. An overall good investment. 

Mark Current

Southwest Solutions Group

One of the BEST workshops I’ve ever attended, primarily because it was based on application experience, not theory.

Brian Highlander

Viking Electric

A thought-provoking day that made me think about we can maximize The Machine theory and practices into our business. Justin showed us we still have a lot of work to do!

Frank Fowler

Mailender Inc

Very interesting workshop. My attention was held all day!

John O’Connor

Fieldtech Solutions

Great to hear a different way each individual present approaches their sales and to discuss new ways.

Mat Stanaic

Schenck Projects

Very helpful. Very practical.

William Baker

Protecta Group

Out-of-the-box thinking that showed mistakes I have made and why change is needed.

Rodney Hood

Pacific Hydraulics Newcastle

Justin is obviously knowledgeable in the topic and seamlessly conveys this. He answered all questions asked and provided good, real-world, specific examples.

Steve Bennis

RG Group

Justin did a great job explaining the benefits of inside sales teams and it’s function in the sales process. Great “real world” examples!

Byron Baber

WPT Power

The Machine will challenge everything you know about the sales process! I can attest that the ideas are valid and the payoffs real

Jeff Stuart

Hydra-Power Systems Inc.

The pioneering work of Justin Roff-Marsh in the design of effective sales ‘machines’ is, in my view, world leading

John Lyons

Marketing without Money

There is much to muse from the day. As a smaller company not all can be done immediately, but functions can be allocated. 

Peter Terrett

Rapid Map Global

Justin presents great ideas for any company that wants to grow more than just organically.

Andrew Donelly

Edlyn Foods

Very engaging and thought provoking. Justin was excellent in his delivery.

Martin Bottolfsen


As expected, Justin is amazing. His breadth of experience is awesome.


Bid Mavens

What an exhilarating day. From beginning to end the day made perfect sense. I am now clear on what structural changes need to take place in order to grow my business. Importantly, I feel armed with the vocabulary needed to communicate the concepts to my team.

Andrew Charlton


One word. Thought-provoking.

Janice Williams

Universal MediaCo

A great new approach towards the sales process.

Gary Hadelmayer

Label Power

This workshop came at a good time in the lifecyle of our organization. It gave us some great new ideas and considerations.

Clinton Cowin

Tradie Pad

Excellent overview of the system. Lots of practical examples.

Troy Vellinga

Dunes Point Capital

Excellent command of the subject matter. Good interaction with workshop attendees. Keep me updated on upcoming PFG workshops. 

Bill Rosenberg

Dune Point Capital

Excellent session Justin! Well done on an outstanding presentation.

Alister Joyce

Highgate Group Australia

Thought provoking. Compelling in terms of providing credible content.

Raja Ratnam

Schenck Process

Incredibly informative and valuable day. I have in the past, and will continue to, recommend Ballistix and the workshop to companies I believe would benefit from it.

Ian Bardman

Roadrunner Parts

Justin covered a great deal of content. His solutions are simple and to the point. This is our second session and have come away with more ideas to put into our business.

Adrian Hawes

Roadrunner Parts

Great meeting! I learnt a ton. Thanks for the invitation.

Kervin Pierre


Justin demonstrates that there is a substantially better way to sell.

Humberto R. Baptista

CEO of Vectis- Solutions

lecturer at TOC Schools

Some will be angry, some dismissive, and a select few will be enlightened by this alternative approach

Mike Schleyhahn

Swagelok San Diego

We doubled our top-line revenue in the year following our implementation of The Machine

Aubrey Meador

President of ARCA

Strong content well presented.

Michael Brick

Meris Food Equipment

The workshop exposed and challenged a number of conceptions. It me provided me with some really good ideas to consider moving forward.

Dominic Tusa

Industry Update

This was a fantastic event. I was fortunate to be able to attend. It’s still a bit of a mystery to me why the kinds of insights Justin shared during the day are not well known, yet they are not. If you really want to grow your business significantly you should attend Justin’s one day seminar.

John Sambrook

Common Sense Systems, Inc.

Justin gave an excellent overview but also spoke to the specific situations of attendees. Thanks!

Christopher King

Brookhurst USA

A great workshop that challenges the way we have worked for years. Some very good ideas to seriously consider.

James Greene

Crest Interiors

Great day. I learnt a lot.

Richard Shapland


Strong and thought-provoking content.

Daniel Greene

Crest Interiors

The workshop was extremely informative and interactive. Justin is very engaging as well as entertaining when presenting.

Kathy Pendleton

WiseTech Global

Great workshop. A LOT of info to take in on one day. Now applying it to our small, family-owned company.

Brian Allison

Rockford Ball Screw

Interesting. Thought-provoking. Great workshop!

Tanner Hohenbrink

Lamar Advertising

Great system and a very concise explanation of the process. Most of the ideas presented are very relatable to ACL (as risky as it seems!).

Grace Taylor

ACL Welding Supply

Thanks Justin. I would gladly recommend this workshop to friends and colleagues

Brett Dunn

Protecta Group

The content is interesting and challenged my previous beliefs. I am keen to move forward with the principles presented.

Rod Hood

Roadrunner Parts

After struggling with growing our B2B sales for years, Justin Roff-Marsh has helped us create a predictable engine of prospect engagement. In less than 90 days, we have 14 requests for meetings from prospects.

Ken Robbins

CEO Response Mine Health

Great workshop. Lots of great information. Thank you.

Cristen Eberly

RG Group

Justin’s approach to addressing the tired structure of sales environments is nothing short of revolutionary

Paul O’Dwyer

business growth coach

The Machine offers a proven system for growing sales in an organized, consistent way

Andrew Warner

Founder of Mixergy

I found the workshop absolutely relevant. I have been inspired to change everything from sales to operations because frankly it makes sense that everyone in my organisation is “customer service”

John Engelander

The Planet Earth Cleaning Company

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